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"The Lock" Lake and Taylor PeakFern Lake ReflectionsCalypso Cascades - Wild BasinWeathered #3 - Deer MountainSt. Vrain Creek - Wild Basin"The Lock" Lake and Powell PeakThe Three Lookouts - Mountain Goats of Mt. EvansFire in the Sky - Fern Lake Sunset"The Lock" Lake and Beginning of Glacier CreekRocky Mountain Mule DeerFern Lake ReflectionsBeaver Meadows and Longs PeakBeaver Meadows & Longs Peak Range at SunsetElk - On the Road to Bear LakeNorth Longs Peak Trail and Taylor PeakFly Fishing on Fern LakeGreenback Cutthroat TroutFinch Lake Trail - Wild BasinMountain GoatFinch Lake Trail and Mt. Meeker