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California is a stunning state with giant Redwood Forests, amazing hiking in colorful Deserts and a Coastline that is a spectacular picture postcard at every turn.
Crashing Surf at SunsetRocky Point - CaliforniaEnchanting SunsetRocky Point SunsetSunrise at GarrapataSunrise Surf - Monterey CaliforniaGrayhound Rock State Beach #1Sunrise at CarmelGrayhound Rock State Beach #3The Lone CypressGrayhound Rock State Beach #2Rainbow at GrayhoundSunset at Garrapata BeachRocky Sunset at Point LobosCrashing Waves at Garrapata BeachMonterey Surf #1Monterey Surf #2Wild Calla Lilies of GarrapataDesert View Trail #1Desert View Trail #2