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Paws and Jamilla are two beautiful Egyptian Mau cats that are entertaining and so much different than any cat that we have ever had. They are very social and at times they will talk your ear off, specially in the morning when it's time to eat! Paws & Jamilla love to share some of their bird and wildlife friends, also.
I Love ChristmasThe PoseMy Superman PoseSo TiredLook Into My EyesA Toenail Is Better Than A Toothpick AnytimeGive Me FiveJust Keepin' My Nose CleanA Sniff of Your SnackI Will  Rock Your ChairA Tail of Two StoriesCan't Believe We Ate The Whole BoxDon't Think About It!Ground PatrolCouch Potato LookoutSleepy EyesInside Looking OutTastes Like Planters PeanutsChipping Sparrow #1Chipping Sparrow #2